• General

  • Working directly with publishers and developers, we connect to in-game API to be able to gather data from their game servers. Every game has certain quests available and our system is able to detect whether or not you have achieved these in recent matches.

    However each quest requires a certain amount of energy for you to complete. So choose wisely!

    The exact process is as follows:

    • Once logged in, go to Settings > Game Accounts and add your various game accounts.
    • You can now go directly to games and choose the game you would like to complete quests for, or go to the home page to choose from 4 random quests from our supported games
    • From the available quests click on “Begin Quest” for the quest you’d like to try and complete
    • In the actual game try and achieve your quest
    • Once achieved go back on our website and click “Complete Quest”
    • Allow up to 5-10 minutes for our site to detect your in-game completion. You will be notified if you have correctly completed it or not

    You’ll see you have used energy to complete that quest and also gained the points on offer.

    You can now use these points to buy tickets in raffles to win real life prizes. Raffle tickets can be bought from the store.

  • Yes, Uproar is dedicated to rewarding gamers for achievements in the games you love to play. We partner with retailers, manufacturers and publishers to be able to connect to games, detect if you have completed certain quests and to offer you real life rewards for completing those quests.

  • Being a member and completing quests on Uproar is totally free. We do have Supporter and Premium Upgrades available for you to have more energy to use every day and gain discounted raffle tickets.

    You can find details for that here

  • We are passionate gamers wanting to be rewarded for playing our favourite games. Just like you!

    So we created Uproar with the dream of giving fellow gamers that opportunity. It shouldn’t be just the pro gamers that get rewarded, but the everyday gamer just as passionate about the game. And it’s our dream to make that into a reality for you.

    You can partner with friends and complete quests together, you can meet new friends and do the same. We just want to bring gamers together, have fun and be rewarded for it!

  • Game Accounts and Quests

  • Due to changes with the Riot API we can only run quests for Ranked matches currently.

  • By default, The match data of a Dota 2 account is anonymous so we can't check your data from STEAM API. If you would like to complete quests you'll need to enable the "Expose Public Match Data" setting in the Dota 2 game client. After that quests should be passable for you

    Here is the introduction of how to enable "Expose Public Match Data":

    1. Open the Dota 2 game client.
    2. Click the Settings icon on the left-top of the screen.
    3. Open the "Options" tab
    4. At the bottom click "To Advanced Options"
    5. Check "Expose Public Match Data" to enable it.

    Go to settings Options tab Open Advanced Options Check 'Expose Public Match Data'

  • Store

  • Each raffle has a unique draw countdown. You will see the clock count down for when the prize is drawn.

    Winners are posted here and then contacted personally by the administrators to claim their prize.

  • You will receive your prize as soon as possible pending you responding to administrators and claiming it. We occasionally have the odd issue with PayPal or suppliers but we always do our best to ensure it is paid out in a timely fashion.

  • Miscellaneous

  • We are constantly in discussions and seeking new games to add.

    Please keep in mind the website is still in beta and we are always working to make developments to our capabilities. Some decisions on games however are also out of our control and depends on the decisions of the game developers and publishers themselves.

    We are always welcome to suggestions at info@uproar.gg

  • If you believe someone is cheating on Uproar then please email us urgently on info@uproar.gg or use the contact form on the site. Make sure you enter details on the suspected user and your reasoning behind thinking someone is cheating. This will allow us to look into the issue as soon as possible and take the correct action.

  • If you believe someone is using your game account on Uproar to gain UP from your efforts then please email us urgently on info@uproar.gg or use the contact form on the site. We'll do our best to work with you and have this matter resolved as soon as possible.

  • With the site still being in beta there are bound to be minor issues and bugs we haven’t yet come across. If you do encounter a bug please contact us as soon as possible at info@uproar.gg or through the contact form on the website.

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