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The New Zealand Gaming Championship

The New Zealand Gaming Championship returns in 2016 with a 6 week premiership showcasing the best LoL talent in the country.

4 teams will battle through a series of qualifiers to join the current champions Villains and a Mystery Slot to make up the 6 teams. Games will be broadcast Live on SKY TV Wednesday nights with Online Rounds played on Saturday and Sundays between September 3rd and October 12th

To compete:

  1. Sign up to Uproar
  2. Sign up to NZ ESF
  3. Create your team and details on the battlefy tournament

* We also have quests for competitors and fans so you can earn Up Points

PRIZING ANNOUNCEMENT - NZ's Biggest Esports Prizepool

The NZGC – League of Legends Premiership is offering the winners an incredible money-can’t-buy eSports experience.

The Champions will be flown to Los Angeles to attend the 2016 LOL World Championships in October with flights, accommodation and spending money provided.

They’ll receive VIP treatment rubbing shoulders with Gaming’s Biggest Stars at the World’s biggest Live eSports spectacular.

In Support of NZGC Uproar is running these sweet quests!

Quest 1:

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Quest 2:

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Quest 3:

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+ more quests soon

Villains return to NZGC as the current champions!

Qualified teams

Currently on a 8 tournament win streak they are the team to beat. They look to continue their New Zealand dominance with Dolfs and Kylie leading their new talent into the 2016 premiership.

King 5

The top qualifier coming from the Major Qualifier, the King 5 consists of NZ's best solo talent. Each player is a threat of their own, but together they're a serious contender for the NZGC Crown..


This team of memers dominated their way through the Major Qualifier with style. Their team synergy and rotational play made their path to NZGC look far far 2EZ.


Team DNA qualified as our 3rd seed form the Major Qualifier. Their roster includes some veteran players who are out to prove they aren't just Washed Up anymore.

Are you the next team!

Upcoming Event

Upcoming event:


3rd - 9th September