General Gaming



The core mission of the EZL is to build a global, multi-platform opportunity for any player at any level of skill to have a place to compete. We also want to provide a place for any player of any age to begin playing, improve and grow, while being a part of the EZL as a whole.


We envision to take eSports to a traditional sports level by changing the perception of gaming so it is one day respected, desired and worked for not only by gamers but also by parents. To provide an opportunity for everyone to create and improve a resume that they will use not only to rise in the league itself but it can be used outside the league. We hope to one day have each and every position paid and have intern positions where you can learn, improve your resume and slowly rise to other positions. We also wish to provide an opportunity for thise willing to learn any of the tasks in the league, so not just to play, but also to code, market, manage and more. We also want to provide the opportunity to orphans throughout the world to have access to equipment so they can be a part of the EZL family and much more.


EZL officially launched in December of 2016 and there’s a lot of room for growth. Come join us and help us achieve this together because we all know that everyone wants to change the world, but we are the few that know it can’t be done without your help. In April of 2017, we became registered as an official Business. Within 6 months time, we had grown to over 5K total members and over 1,000,000 ICE given away. But we did not stop there. EZL created EZLBot that took first place in the Vainglory API Competition for the Community Category. EZL Tutoring merged and became the amazing Barracks program where players are taught to improve in their gameplay. We launched 27 different projects for the community no matter, players, streamers, shoutcasters, designers, developers, and much more. Became sponsored by BAND and helped grow by 1500+ members within months. No matter who you are or where you are, we will have a place and need for you. The vision is big, the dream is big, the hope is big, and our hearts are even bigger.