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Why we exist

We are here to add value to your gaming experience.

Here at Uproar, our focus is to create an environment for gamers to feel more informed, engaged and rewarded.

How we do this

Play your favorite games and interact with your favourite communities through quests, challenges & competitions.

Earn points as you participate within the Uproar platform.

Spend your points in our store to earn real life rewards.

How to Play


Find your favourite games


Choose the quests you want to do.


Once you've completed a quest submit it for verification.


Sit tight while we confirm you've met the requirements.


If everything is alright, you'll have received some UP (Uproar Points)


You can use your points to enter our raffles and win real life items!

Charlie Meaden


Was introduced to the gaming and esports scene in 2008 where he instantly fell in love with the industry. Competing in a plethora of title such as; World of Warcraft, Gears of War, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty & Halo. After working and running a business in the Jewellery industry for the last 8 years Charlie found himself working in the gaming industry, more specifically in software startups. Charlie had the vision of creating a platform that allows gamers to stay engaged and feel rewarded for playing the games they love and for generally interacting with the gaming industry. To gain some of the practical knowledge and skills he spent a year learning how to code while managing product development for a Recycling platform that encouraged college students to recycle more. He started building Uproar in January 2016 and he has no intention of stopping.

Stefan Holman


Stefan is the original esport player, spending his years playing some of the classics in competitive gaming; Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Dota & Counterstrike. While he was playing many video games, he got himself a degree in Economics & Finance with honors. Being the analytical entrepreneur, Stefan has spent a mixture of his professional career working in insurance brokering, public stocks, Car importation, and now Uproar. Stefan joined Uproar in its infancy when Charlie had just started building it and has not looked back since.

Charlie James


Charlie is a successful and well-accomplished businessman and Angel Investor. He is not only well versed in the conference room but he also loves his video games and is currently getting a lot of satisfaction in blowing people up in WarThunder. Charlie loved the vision of the company and felt compelled to come out of retirement and join the executive Uproar team.

Nathan S-D


Since chatting with Charlie about what Uproar could be Nathan has been thinking about the long term plans for Uproar. As he’s the most casual gamer of the group he makes up for it by working long hours on things beyond mere development or planning and in general caring too much about things like UX, optimizations and our code smell. Whatever that is...

Kyle Ward

Backend Developer

Kyle joined Uproar in April with the intention of taking our horrible MVP and turning it into a scalable platform that will serve millions of gamers around the world. He also loves to compete and has in; Call of Duty, Counter-Strike & Overwatch. Kyle spends most of his time being a wizard in the backend and sharing memes in Discord to keep the team motivated.

Gracjan Złotucha

UX & Design

Gracjan avid Counter-strike player and secondarily a designer was originally a freelancer, but due to his passion and solid work ethic has joined us full time. A VR and UX enthusiast Gracjan loves the bleeding edge of design. Past work for him involves The Witcher 3 and Gwent for CD PROJEKT RED.

Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios

One of the leading game studios in the world, they have created some of the best competitive games on the market including 3rd person MOBA Smite and MOBA Shooter Paladins.

We work with them to create a more engaging experience for their users and events that support the games they make.

Perfect World

Perfect World

Perfect World Entertainment is a leading publisher of online multiplayer games.

Founded in 2008, Perfect World Entertainment has published over 20 popular titles including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and PWI.

By specialising in constantly evolving online games, Perfect World Entertainment is one of the leading publishers in the gaming market.

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